The Team of 10Photos

Created as an ill-considered and spontaneous idea one night at the end of January 2021, the website has become very respectable in a short time. The thanks for this go almost solely to the participating photographers.

We at 10Photos, that is Johanna Abert and Jörn Wallenwein, look forward to every new photographer, who helps us with passion and high-quality pictures to make the website even more attractive.

Please use the corresponding contact form on the "Contact" page or write us an email. We will take a look at every request. However, please understand that this site is a platform for advanced photographers and requires a correspondingly high quality. Simply good pictures are not enough for participation. We want the "special" photos. Photos which stand out from the crowd, eye-catchers, which cause amazement and admiration in the viewer.

Best regards

Jörn Wallenwein, 10Fotos


PS. the team of 10Photos consists of several photographers, but they do not want to be named. As administrator of this web project I accept this wish of course.