Christian Alpert

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Christian Alpert, a passionate amateur photographer from Hanover, Germany, finds inspiration in the beauty of nature. While his professional life is dominated by numbers - he is a mathematician - photography offers him a welcome balance.

His focus is on nature photography, from the smallest details of insects to fascinating moments in the animal world and beautiful landscapes. At 10Fotos, Christian focuses on macro and wildlife photography.

Armed with a telephoto or macro lens, the affable photographer enjoys exploring his native northern Germany. The varied landscapes and abundant wildlife provide him with countless motifs and opportunities to indulge his passion for photography. But it is not only the local nature that fascinates him: since a trip to South Africa a few years ago, he has been infected by the "Africa virus". Time and again, he is drawn back to the African continent, where some of his personal favorites have been taken.

Through his photographs, Christian Alpert shares not only the beauty of nature, but also his own enthusiasm and fascination for the world around us. His images tell exciting and beautiful stories and invite the viewer to look at nature with new eyes and discover the uniqueness of our world.

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10Photos says: Christian Alpert's ability to capture the magic and fascination of nature in his images is particularly impressive. He may be infected with the Africa virus, but we have caught the stubborn "Alpert virus". But not all viruses need to be fought, and so we simply enjoy his fantastic and varied photographs. This is easy for us because Christian's images are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also inspiring, touching, and authentically show the beauty of our world and its inhabitants without excessive editing.

You can find more of his photos on his multi-faceted Instagram account @christian_alpert and on Facebook.