Jan-Henrik Asmus

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Jan-Henrik Asmus is a nature photographer from Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). Born in 1997, the biology student has always had a great interest in nature. Even at a young age, he tried to photograph invertebrates with simple technology.

Jan-Henrik discovered his passion for photography in New Zealand, at that time still with a bridge camera, the Olympus Stylus S1. With the beginning of his studies and the acquisition of his first digital SLR camera with telephoto and macro lens, Jan-Henrik specialized in wildlife and macro photography.

He is particularly fond of simple motifs. Photographing the often seen, everyday things and showing the beauty of nature is important to him. How do you document the beauty of the animal world? You can see the answer in Jan-Henrik's pictures! In doing so, he does not have to travel far. The photos were taken in his home country.

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The “art” of excitingly photographing common, not rare animals is not a simple task. Jan-Henrik shows with his shots that it is very well possible. The image effect is more important than the motif! Unfortunately, many photographers forget this far too often. A quote from Jan-Henrik should give us all food for thought: “For me, every animal has a certain beauty and I don’t ‘discriminate’ against certain species, which for some people seem less handsome. That’s what I try to show with my photography.”

See more pictures from the photographer on Instagram @neat_nature_photography.