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    Michael Martin

    This could be the shortest text of a photographer's description here on 10Photos. The photos of Michael Martin speak for themselves - ready! - But Michael puts a huge spoke in our wheel. It's not just his incredible photos that fascinate us, it's also the photographer. Geo magazine called him the most famous globetrotter in Germany. We also think he is the most interesting globetrotter in Germany.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Dieter Mendzigall

    Dieter Mendzigall was born in 1963 in Hildesheim and lives in Diekholzen, a small town in Lower Saxony. The fascination with traveling was the trigger for Dieter to deal with photography. Therefore, it is not surprising that the photographic focus is travel and landscape photography. For Dieter, being on the road and photography are inseparable - whether in a canoe, on a bicycle, or on foot.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Julia Redl

    Julia Redl presents an emotional and atmospheric selection of landscape photos on 10Photos. Abstract artworks and classic photography mainly of untouched nature inspire by colors as well as shapes and transport the viewer into a calm and peaceful world.