Michael Breitung

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Michael Breitung is a German landscape photographer with more than ten years of experience in photography and image processing. Since his first photo trip to the Grand Canyon in 2009, he has travelled and photographed in more than 30 countries. His main interests are landscape and architectural photography. He is passionate about discovering and exploring new places, always on the lookout for exciting subjects and stunning compositions. He is not afraid to visit lesser known places.

He enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of photography and image editing on various platforms. His YouTube channel, articles on his website and image editing tutorials provide valuable insights and tips. He is also a guest contributor to various photography magazines. Michael also occasionally gives workshops on landscape photography. In addition to his work as a photographer, Michael is heavily involved in web design and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Michael's aim in landscape and travel photography is to capture the unique atmosphere and true essence of the places he visits. To achieve this, he uses a special photo editing workflow, which he describes and explains in detail in his tutorials. When he edits, he is careful to preserve the natural mood of the images and not to retouch them too much.

[ Text Michael Breitung and additions by 10Photos ]

10Photos says: "These are fantastic landscape shots that more than inspire us. They make us want to visit all these distant places today. No exaggerated colours, just natural moods. This is landscape photography at its best. We are in awe of the beauty of our natural world, which is perfectly reflected in Michael's work, and we are grateful that he shares his travels with us in such an impressive way. Thank you so much!

More information and pictures of Michael can be found on his website at the following address www.mibreit-photo.com and his YouTube channel as well as on Instagram @mibreitphoto, Facebook @MichaelBreitungPhotography and on the Hive Blog @mibreit-photo.