• People- and portrait photography

    Joachim Bergauer

    Since the 1990s, the multiple award-winning Joachim Bergauer has been working as a photographer for advertising, image, portraits and reportage in Salzburg and worldwide. Other photographic focuses are fashion, and nude photography. His clients include the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Spiegel, KTM, Moosleitner, Salzbergwerk Hallstatt, etc.

  • Architectural photography

    Julia Anna Gospodarou

    Black and white photography from another "world". The multiple award-winning and internationally recognized photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou shows with her pictures in an impressive way how exciting and creative photography can be.

  • Landscape photography

    Michael Jaeschke

    Gallery of nature and landscape photographer Michael Jaeschke. His passion is, among other things, as you can see in his gallery on 10Photos, the trees. In an impressive way, structures and forms of these fascinating woody plants are shown here. By the successful implementation in black and white, the effect is again strengthened. Nature photography in a refreshingly different way.

  • People- and portrait photography

    Yago de Miguel

    Yago de Miguel is a passionate self-taught Spanish photographer focused on people photography. In continuous learning, he started with artificial light although focused on available daylight for the last two years.

  • Architectural photography,  Landscape photography,  Miscellaneous

    Nina Papiorek

    Nina Papiorek is a landscape and fine art photographer who has won many competitions. In addition to landscape photography, other focal points of her work are urban landscapes and urban architecture. The focus is on form and structure. Almost all of her works are therefore black and white photographs. Eliott Erwitt's motto "Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive." also applies to Nina Papiorek.

  • People- and portrait photography

    Anton Plotnikov

    Anton Plotnikov is a Russian portrait photographer who studied with Igor Sakharov-Ross in Saint Petersburg. His style is characterized by minimalism, the person is the focus, not the packaging. In beauty and fashion shoots he likes to surprise and show what you don't expect in social media.

  • Architectural photography,  Miscellaneous

    Michael Robben

    Michael Robben, an amateur photographer from Oldenburg, still looking for the subject. For him, photographing and editing is a meditative and exciting process. To reinterpret or alienate reality through photography is an almost inexhaustible pool.

  • People- and portrait photography

    Stephan Stadie

    Stephan Stadie is an excellent portrait photographer who started photographing again in 2018 after a 25 year break. Creativity and trying new things are very important to him. The main focus of his work are black and white portraits.