Thomas Gauck

Thomas Gauck is a portrait photographer from Nuremberg, Germany, and can be described without exaggeration as a "veteran" of Internet photography. He was one of the first 50 photographers to publish images in the photo community.

His portraits can be seen not only on the web, but also in magazines, journals, illustrated books and other print media, as well as in numerous exhibitions. Thomas also gives workshops ranging from private coaching to agency coaching on portrait photography, image editing, exhibition planning and much more. He works in the Franconian region as well as throughout Germany.

Thomas likes to photograph with the available light, without artificial lighting, preferably people in nature. For him, nature is the place where it is easiest to find yourself and where the most authentic images are created. So sometimes a shoot starts with a walk and a talk. He himself writes about this: "I am happy to be in untouched places in nature. To feel the peace and tranquillity there. This relaxed mood is also mentally transferred to the people in front of my camera and this is how very special photos are created".

Thomas takes a lot of time for a shoot. This also applies to the preparation and selection of the location. The likeable photographer takes great pleasure in portraying people as independent beings. His experience from countless shoots, but also his knowledge of human nature and his ability to pay attention to details in conversations and gestures make for extraordinary photos. Thomas puts a lot of energy into a shoot, which can last between one and two hours, and is delighted when his subject speaks of an all-round successful portrait session.

[ Text 10Photos, based on information from Thomas Gauck ]

10Photos says: For Thomas, the journey is often the reward. At least that's how it seems when you look at his shoots. But it is this "quiet" way that leads to extraordinary results. A harmonious togetherness in beautiful surroundings, far away from the stress of everyday life, coupled with years of experience, skill, intuition and enthusiasm make for creative and authentic images that you don't often get to see. We are thrilled by the feeling, the mood that his pictures convey.

More pictures and information about Thomas Gauck can be found on his website thomasgauck.de and Instagram @thomas_gauck.