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Michael Heming, born in a quiet small town in Münsterland, moved to the Ruhr area at the age of 25. It was here that he found the space to flourish both professionally and athletically. A particular milestone in his "photographic" journey was the purchase of his first Canon 5D with an impressive 85mm 1.2 lens in a renowned New York store.

He began his career against the impressive backdrop of old steelworks and disused mines - places once characterised by hard work. With his photographic eye, he brought a new perspective to these bygone times, paying tribute to the dedication and perseverance of past generations.

In early 2023, Michael moved to Berlin, a city of creativity, innovation and change. This move has opened up new sources of inspiration and given new impetus to his creative work. Above all, the people of Berlin have touched him deeply. Their stories, diversity and passion are a source of creativity and motivation for him.

Michael would like to take this opportunity to thank all the models who have shared this journey with him. Their professionalism, dedication and willingness to create extraordinary images together are the driving force behind his passion. Each shoot has been a step on a journey together, capturing moments for eternity. He looks forward with anticipation to the next adventures through lens and light, knowing that the journey is far from over.

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10Photos says: We are very excited to see where Michael's journey will take us. One thing is for sure: it will be interesting places, full of emotions and fascinating moods. His work is characterised by respect and a deep connection to the people whose stories he tells through beautiful and creative images. And so we are looking forward not only to a varied journey, but also to exciting and unique stories.

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