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Markus Heinzelmann is a passionate photographer who has made the transition from amateur to professional. His favorite subject is people, and he creates a deep connection and communication with his subjects while working. For Markus, photography is like "painting with light", a search for the perfect moment and the ideal balance of light. He attaches great importance to a positive and joyful atmosphere on set, which he believes is essential to creating stunning images.

Markus sees the journey to the finished image as his goal and appreciates every unique moment he captures. Authenticity is very important to him and this is reflected in his images. He always puts people at the center of his work and has changed his approach to put technology in the background in favor of real emotions and experiences.

Trust plays a crucial role in his process, and he creates a pleasant atmosphere through comfortable moments before the shooting and carefully selected music during the session. The created basis of trust allows him to create images that respect the dignity and naturalness of the person photographed and express real emotions, which corresponds to his own expectations and those of his models.

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10Photos says: The path is the goal. Markus "discovered" it while shooting. It's often the unexpected and surprising moments during a shoot that make it special. Planning is good, spontaneity is better and often leads to such creative results as we see with Markus. A great and successful path that the likeable photographer has taken with bravura.

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