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People photographer Harald Heinrich from Burgau in Swabia specialises in creating a mystical and personal visual world with his models. These works are intended to emotionally touch and captivate the viewer. His work ranges from portraiture to nude photography, always with a focus on aesthetically pleasing and high quality images.

Harald's work is characterised by a distinctive visual language, which he achieves through technical finesse in photography as well as targeted image processing on the computer. Light, in particular, often plays a dominant role in his work, whether he is working in his own studio or out in the field. He is not afraid to deliberately provoke alienation and disturbance in his images, which have become an independent form of expression in his art.

People are always at the centre of Harald's images. It doesn't matter whether he builds elaborate backdrops, uses special props or seeks out unusual outdoor locations. "The model's eyes, pose, facial expressions and gestures tell the stories in the picture that I want to convey from my creative world," he stresses. This devotion to human expressiveness gives his images a depth and emotionality that sets them apart from other works and makes his style unmistakable.

[ Text 10Photos based on a press release and information from Harald Heinrich ]

10Photos says: When we first saw Harald's images, we asked ourselves: "fantastic photography or exceptional art? The answer was quickly found: both! Harald's work captivates us with its uniqueness and emotional impact. They take us into a mystical world full of creative ideas and enormous expressiveness. The people, the environment, the light and the mood, but also the processing of the images are in perfect harmony and the result is a very special visual experience.

More pictures and information about Harald Heinrich on Instagram @harald_heinrich and on the website www.capture-emotions.net.

Necessary note on the subject of "buttocks and breasts" on the Internet: Dear young visitor. If you are not yet 16 years old, unfortunately you are not allowed to view these artistic and sensual photos. Please leave this site now. Alternatively you can go to a public swimming pool, there you will surely find enough women with naked torso. Or look at the lightly clothed girls on the billboards in the city. That is also allowed. Not here! Please close your eyes immediately and scream for help ...

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Cover photo Estelle (@miss.nowack)

(@mrs.chibichan) Dominique
(@anna_grabowska6) Anna
(@nickystiglmair) Nicky (picture 3 - 5)
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Emma Helena (@riel.life)
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Dominique (@mrs.chibichan)
Anna (@anna_grabowska6)
Nicky (Bild 3 – 5) (@nickystiglmair)
Nausicaa (@nausicaa_yami_)
Emma Helena (@riel.life)
Irina (@aireenel_2)
Evalein (@evalein_van_muffin)
Estelle (@miss.nowack)