• Landscape photography

    Scott Aspinall

    Scott is a passionate, self-taught, Saskatchewan born, landscape photographer focused on nature and night photography. He spend his free time photographing scenes across Western Canada.

  • Landscape photography,  Macro photography

    Jannette van der Boon

    Jannette van der Boon is a Dutch nature photographer. Her main focus is macro and landscape photography, especially the local flora and fauna. The fantastic and atmospheric landscape shots are a wonderful proof that it doesn't need a spectacular landscape to take extraordinary and creative photos.

  • Macro photography

    Bob Daalder

    Macro and nature photographer with distinctive style. Soft photos, almost reminiscent of paintings are the trademark of this Dutch artist.

  • Architectural photography

    Julia Anna Gospodarou

    Black and white photography from another "world". The multiple award-winning and internationally recognized photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou shows with her pictures in an impressive way how exciting and creative photography can be.

  • Macro photography

    Stephan Heinemann

    Stephan Heinemann is an ambitious amateur photographer from Goslar. His photographic focus is nature and especially macro photography - i.e. particularly detailed and close-up shots of animals and plants.

  • Landscape photography

    Kai Hornung

    Kai Hornung is a multi-award-winning landscape photographer from Germany. His images are published worldwide in magazines and online media. In 2020, he became the first German to win 'photographer of the year' in the prestigious International landscape photographer of the year awards.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Dieter Mendzigall

    Dieter Mendzigall was born in 1963 in Hildesheim and lives in Diekholzen, a small town in Lower Saxony. The fascination of travel was the trigger for Dieter to deal with photography. Therefore, it is not surprising that the photographic focus is travel and landscape photography. For Dieter, being on the road and photography are inseparable - whether in a canoe, on a bicycle or on foot.

  • Landscape photography,  Miscellaneous

    Robin Riddle

    Robin Riddle is a professional photographer who specializes in landscape and architectural photography from both ground and aerial perspectives. His photography focuses on the simplicity and beauty of nature, often with an air of mystery. He is drawn to the peace and tranquility of sunrise and sunset, when the light is soft and atmospheric.

  • Architectural photography,  Miscellaneous

    Michael Robben

    Michael Robben, an amateur photographer from Oldenburg, still looking for the subject. For him, photographing and editing is a meditative and exciting process. To reinterpret or alienate reality through photography is an almost inexhaustible pool.