Lars Ortgies

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Lars Ortgies is an enthusiastic wildlife and macro photographer who was born in Bremerhaven and now lives in Vechta, Lower Saxony. Professionally, he runs a private tuition school that he founded together with a fellow student. Lars discovered photography in 2011. It is a welcome counterbalance to his often hectic working day.

Since then, he has been particularly fascinated by a rewetted bog in his neighbourhood, which always captivates him early in the morning with its indescribable atmosphere. This natural setting offers Lars the perfect opportunity to switch off and leave the stress of everyday life behind. What started out as a hobby quickly developed into a passion for capturing perfect images of nature.

Lars tries to interfere with nature as little as possible in his photography and always photographs animals as he finds them. His main aim is to capture the mood of the situation as he experiences it. Although he admits that he rarely succeeds in fully conveying his personal experience of nature, this is what drives him to continue photographing and to develop.

He is particularly fascinated by the morning mist and the insects on the moor, especially the dragonflies. But he also likes other animals such as frogs. He also loves to experiment and tries to capture his subjects in unconventional ways. Even on holiday he always takes his camera with him to capture exciting animal moments. For Lars, photography is not only a form of artistic expression, but also a way to share his deep connection with nature and the beauty of the animal world.

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10Photos says: Creative and different! That's how we would describe Lars' fascinating photography in two words. His special way of showing the animal world is exactly what inspires us so much about his images. He documents the beauty of the animal world with unusual perspectives, a fantastic interplay of sharpness and blurriness, and exciting lighting moods. His work is less documentary and more artistic. Lars clearly shows that animal and macro photography is anything but boring. We are very impressed by this type of photography and are delighted to introduce this likeable nature photographer to you.

Find more pictures by Lars Ortgies on Instagram @lars.ortgies.