Heidi Nassenstein

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Heidi Nassenstein, a renowned photographer from Kiel, Germany, has traveled the world with her passion for photography and thirst for adventure, capturing countless fascinating moments. Photography has been a part of her life.

She started her career at Düsseldorf Airport before moving to Zurich, Switzerland. Heidi now lives near Geneva. It was there that her passion for photography became a semi-professional sideline. Heidi continued to expand her knowledge and skills by learning from established photographers and experimenting with analogue cameras on her own.

Her quest for excellence and creativity led Heidi to set up home with her own studio. There she has dedicated herself to various genres, including wedding and portrait photography. Her portfolio also includes photographs of various celebrities. Heidi developed her images in her own lab until 2005 when she switched to digital photography.

As a balance to her part-time work as a photographer, she discovered a fascination for macro photography, which opened up a new perspective on the world. Especially abstract images have found a permanent place in her repertoire. Heidi's creativity knows no bounds and she is guided by her feelings to transform what she sees into a photographic work of art. She often finds inspiration in nature, where her ideas are born while enjoying her surroundings.

Editing her images is very important to Heidi. She tries to enhance the impact of her photos without losing the character of the image. For her, each image is an opportunity to capture emotion and give the viewer a glimpse into her world.

[ Text 10Photos, based on an interview with Heidi Nassenstein ]

10Photos says: For Heidi, photography and art go hand in hand. We marvel at creative and abstract images that show us an exciting, almost unreal world. There are no limits to the imagination and we see nature and culture from a new, fascinating perspective. We remember what Hugh Grant says to the enchanting Julia Roberts in the film Notting Hill: "Surreal, but beautiful. This is exactly how Heidi's work is: often surreal, but always enchanting and beautiful. Many people can do documentary photography, but very few can do it artistically. Heidi can do it with stunning perfection.

You can find more pictures of Heidi Nassenstein on her Instagram account @heidinassenstein. Heidi is also active in the Vero community.