• Landscape photography,  Macro photography

    Jannette van der Boon

    Jannette van der Boon is a Dutch nature photographer. Her main focus is macro and landscape photography, especially the local flora and fauna. The fantastic and atmospheric landscape shots are wonderful proof that it doesn't need a spectacular landscape to take extraordinary and creative photos.

  • Macro photography

    Bob Daalder

    Macro and nature photographer with distinctive style. Soft photos, almost reminiscent of paintings are the trademark of this Dutch artist.

  • Macro photography

    Astrid Emmrich-Wanless

    Astrid Emmrich-Wanless is a nature photographer from Paderborn with a focus on macro photography. Her favorite subjects are flowers, butterflies and mushrooms and are mainly taken in her home and surroundings. Astrid's photography is more artistic and creative than documentary. Colors and an often purposefully used blur are an important feature of her images.

  • Macro photography

    Stephan Heinemann

    Stephan Heinemann is an ambitious amateur photographer from Goslar. His photographic focus is nature and especially macro photography - i.e. particularly detailed and close-up shots of animals and plants.

  • Macro photography

    Ute Kloß

    Ute Kloß is a nature photographer with a focus on macro photography. Her favorite subjects are plants and flowers, which she mainly photographs in the morning. Insects and amphibians are other coveted motifs.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Anna Mari K. Priésner

    Gallery of nature and landscape photographer Anna Mari K. Priésner from Norway. The "High North" is particularly attractive for many people. Clean air, icy lakes and fjords, imposing landscapes and a unique solitude characterize this region. Anna Mari's photos show the characteristics of Norway in an impressive way.