Astrid Emmrich-Wanless

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Astrid Emmrich-Wanless is a nature photographer from Paderborn with a focus on macro photography. Her favorite subjects are flowers, butterflies and mushrooms and are mainly taken in her home and surroundings. Astrid's photography is more artistic and creative than documentary. Colors and an often purposefully used blur are an important feature of her images.

The special light, an often fantastic bokeh and a not infrequently exciting perspective characterize her works of art. Astrid shows impressively that macro photography is so much more than simply depicting a subject large and close.

Some of her pictures were taken with the Trioplan (100 mm | f2.8 ) from Meyer-Optik. This lens perfectly supports the creative and artistic character of many of Astrid's photos.

10Photos inspire the photographs of Astrid because of the softness and artistic focus. But also because of the versatility, because clear, sharp and detailed images can be found in her portfolio as well. The macro photographers of 10Photos are impressed and a bit envious at the same time ;-).

See more of Astrid's photography on Instagram @kleinesganzgross.