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André Leischner, born in Zwickau in the late 1970s, is a qualified architect who has turned his passion for photography from a sideline to his main profession. Since his entry into semi-professional photography in 2003, André has focused mainly on portraits, nudes and people photography.

He has participated in numerous non-commercial photography projects, including collaborations with the Mondstaubtheater in Zwickau and various models from the national and international independent photography scene. Since 2014, he has been presenting his work in exhibitions throughout Germany, focusing primarily on portraits and nudes.

After 14 years as an architect and many years as a part-time photographer, André finally took the plunge and has been working as a full-time theater photographer at Theater Plauen-Zwickau and as a freelance photographer since 2018.

André longs for the offbeat, the subtle and the authentic without superfluous embellishment. This is often combined with the intention of provocation. His photography is an impressive rebellion against the widespread tendency towards perfection. Far from superficial norms, he deliberately celebrates the imperfect in his images and emphasizes the authentic. André's work is a profound reflection on society and challenges us to recognize reality.

In a world characterized by ideal images and norms, his art raises a critical voice and encourages an intensive examination of one's own self-image. Sometimes the motifs are deliberately arranged, sometimes they are authentic. But the truth is usually somewhere in between.

[ Text 10Photos, based on information from André Leischner's website ]

10Photos says: Provocative and different, but never insulting or offensive. André's photographs are not only thought-provoking, they also encourage self-reflection. The imperfect portrayed in perfection is an important element, an important statement in his work. We are impressed by the special and enormously creative style in each of his images. Photography and art, but also abstraction and emotion merge into a fascinating whole. This is photographic art on the highest level!

More of André Leichner's visual art and information can be found on his web site at andreleischner.de, on Instagram @sermonfortapelsson and LinkedIn. At his Shop several fine art prints and a high quality illustrated book are available for purchase.


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