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Sacha Leyendecker is a Cologne-based people photographer and coach who specializes in sensual, erotic portrait and nude photography. The basis of his work is the use of "available light", which allows him to work creatively and gives his models the space to move naturally in front of the camera. This results in the authentic and creative images that every photographer desires. Leading rather than directing is an important aspect of his work, which not only makes him very likeable, but also leads to the best results.

Sacha's shoots, workshops and coaching sessions focus on the philosophy of "Light Comes First", meaning that light plays a crucial role in achieving aesthetic shots. With over 500 workshops, one-on-one and online coaching sessions and photo events under his belt, he has a wealth of experience that allows him to successfully communicate his photography and approach.

In addition to his work as a photographer and trainer, Sacha is also active in other photographic projects, such as the rental studio LOFT STUDIO COLOGNE or his video trainings. He is supported by his wife Monika, a make-up artist and hairstylist, who plays an important role in his workshops and photo events. Together they work as a team in Germany and abroad, sharing their passion for sensual people and nude photography in natural light.

For those who are more interested in nude photography, in addition to Sacha's workshops and trainings, we recommend the book "Aktfotografie – Die große Fotoschule", in which Sacha and four other nude photographers share their knowledge about the world of erotic photography.

[Text 10Photos, based on Sacha Leyendecker's website ]

10Photos says: Sensual photography is probably the most exciting, but also the most difficult kind of people photography. Many photographers try and even more fail. Sacha is more than a professional, he is sensitive and creative. His images are authentic and emotional at the same time. We love his work because the focus is on the people and not on bare skin. Even though - admittedly - it is beautiful to look at in his photos.

More pictures and information about Sacha Leyendecker and his work can be found on Instagram. @sachaleyendecker and his website www.sacha-leyendecker.com.


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