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Ivan Horvat was born in Slovenia (then Yugoslavia) in 1964 and came to Germany at the age of 8. In his youth he devoted himself intensively to drawing, painting and writing poetry. He first came into contact with photography at the age of 20. However, family and other commitments came more and more to the fore and photography took a back seat.

The real start of his photographic journey came much later, in 2019. Since then he has focused on conceptual and aesthetic nude photography. Many of his works tell stories that can have a different meaning for each viewer.

Much of his work has been shown in local exhibitions and published in various photography magazines. In 2023 he will be represented for the first time at the ARTMUC art fair in the spring and autumn. Ivan's first illustrated book - Weird Dreams in Crazy Times - was published in early 2024.

Ivan is a creative artist whose works transcend the boundaries of reality and transport the viewer into an enchanting world of dreams and fantasy. It is not the search for the perfect image that is important to him, but the creation of images and stories that make you think. Ivan Horvat about himself: "The search for the true essence of existence, for myself and my own style is an endless journey for me. And the traces left behind are my photographs, which are meant to arouse emotions and tell my story".

Particularly impressive are his nude compositions, which he arranges with unique grace. For Ivan, the naked body embodies authenticity, purity and the essence of origin.

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When we started 10Photos a long time ago, we never imagined how creative and extraordinary photography could be. Over time, we have come to realise that photography is often more than just taking "pretty" pictures. Ivan is an artist where this is more than obvious. His photography is a unique form of art. When we look at Ivan's work, we don't just see pictures, we discover passion and experience stories, sometimes humorous, sometimes thoughtful. And even if we write 1000 words, his art cannot be described. It has to be seen and discovered. The 10 images here are a perfect place to start.

See more of this on Ivan's website www.horvat.de, on his Instagram account @ivan_im_abstrakten and Facebook @ivan.in.abstracts as well as on the photo platforms fotocommunity and Behance.

Tip: Ivan's first illustrated book Weird Dreams in Crazy Times can be ordered online. The work offers a fascinating insight into the artistic world of an extraordinary artist who pushes the boundaries of reality and transports the viewer into a world of strange dreams, profound fantasies and controversial realities.


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