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Ivo Hüttmann, sensitive nude photographer from Königsee in Thuringia, does not only unfold his creative potential full-time at the PC, where he artistically romps in the 2D and 3D world, but also in photography, which has served him as a balance since the early 2000s. After a decade, he ventured into part-time work as "Ivo Photography".

His photographic journey began with picturesque subjects such as trees and castles. Later, Ivo ventured into people photography with portraits and weddings. The first steps in nude photography were still characterized by chance, as a quote from him reveals: "Looking back, I had no idea what I was doing. Lighting and posing were a matter of luck. It's just a good thing that the studio was in the apartment, where the two cats always kept things lively".

But that is all history now. Ivo is now a professional nude photographer who specializes in shooting in nature, but is also a master of his craft in the studio. Despite all the developments since his beginnings in people photography, Ivo still radiates a special calm and serenity. His clients feel comfortable with him and this is reflected in his emotional and authentic images.

On 10Photos, Ivo presents stunning landscape and nature images with a particularly sensual touch. Since 2017, he also works in his own studio, where equally fantastic shots are taken.

His work has been published in professional journals and he has even self-published two illustrated books. This underlines not only his professionalism, but also his dedication to photography and his ability to tell beautiful stories through images.

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10Photos says: We are thrilled with the sensual landscape shots. At 10Photos, such images are not only a novelty, but also a welcome change. The grace of the human body, so beautifully staged against a natural backdrop, has a special appeal. We also find it fascinating that Ivo's "models" are not professionals, but were partly naked for the first time in front of the camera. Our sincere respect goes to the sympathetic photographer and his natural models.

More information about Ivo Hüttmann with more sensual landscape and studio images can be found on his website ivo-fotografie.de.


Necessary note on the subject of "buttocks and breasts" on the Internet: Dear young visitor. If you are not yet 16 years old, unfortunately you are not allowed to view these artistic and sensual photos. Please leave this site now. Alternatively you can go to a public swimming pool, there you will surely find enough women with naked torso. Or look at the lightly clothed girls on the billboards in the city. That is also allowed. Not here! Please close your eyes immediately and scream for help ...