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Thomas Berlin is an enthusiastic photographer from Frankfurt, Germany. He has been fascinated by art and photography since his student days. After a few years as an all-round artist, he decided to specialise in photography, focusing on portraiture.

Authenticity and the conveyance of emotion in his portraits are more important to Thomas than the appearance of the person being photographed. Whether the subject is nude or clothed plays a secondary role. In addition to portrait photography, nude photography gives him the opportunity to express feelings and moods in a unique way and to give free rein to his creativity.

Thomas uses both analogue and digital technology in his work, depending on his aims and mood. For him, it is the result that matters, not the technique. He believes that a successful image should be available as a signed print, because a tangible photograph has a much greater impact than a collection of virtual pixels.

Thomas' blog is also very exciting and worth reading. In addition to great photos, there are regular interviews with models, artists and photographers.

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10Photos says: With Thomas we are thrilled by the almost tangible, crackling sensuality of the images. In his sensual photos he often shows that covered breasts or a hidden pubic area can be more charming than pure nudity. But the classic nude and partial nude photos on his website are also aesthetic and very appealing. Nude photography is now a recognized art form and is considered a high school of photography. Thomas' photos show why this is so.

More from Thomas Berlin on his website thomasberlin.net, his Blog and Instagram.


Necessary note on the subject of "buttocks and breasts" on the Internet: Dear young visitor. If you are not yet 16 years old, unfortunately you are not allowed to view these artistic and sensual photos. Please leave this site now. Alternatively you can go to a public swimming pool, there you will surely find enough women with naked torso. Or look at the lightly clothed girls on the billboards in the city. That is also allowed. Not here! Please close your eyes immediately and scream for help ...