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Boris Bethge is a people and portrait photographer from the town of Ritterhude in Lower Saxony, Germany. After studying mechanical engineering, he worked for many years as a project manager and in company management. He later made a name for himself as an independent management coach. It was only in 2014 that he decided to take up photography as a career change. Boris is a complete autodidact, and believes that the best way to learn is by trying things out and learning from mistakes.

"It is easy to fall in love with the latest technical achievements and to try out all kinds of photographic techniques. But as a portrait photographer, you should always remember that in the end it's about the people, not the technology," says Boris. That's why he has decided to put aside all technical barriers and get completely involved with his subjects. He works almost exclusively with a 50mm fixed focal length, using only the available light and no additional aids, because anything else would distract him. Immersing himself in the world of the subject is incredibly important to Boris.

Of course, this does not mean that modern technology should not be used. It's more about being aware that the focus is on the person. The model is the focus, not the equipment. This ensures that, at the end of the day, pictures are taken that show emotion and don't look lifeless.

For Boris, authenticity and mood are indispensable components of his visual language. With passionate dedication, he searches for the "picture in between", which appears incidental despite staging. In this way, he creates an intense closeness between the viewer and the image, which conveys the feeling of being part of the action. His pictures arouse the expectation of the continuation of the action and leave room for the viewer's mental cinema.

Boris has been self-publishing his work in print since 2018. His images have been published in Stern, SWAN magazine, brennpunkt and many other print media. Telling a graphic novel almost exclusively with photographs is a new experience for him. There is little else in this genre that can be compared photographically. Boris impressively demonstrates how cinematic picture stories can be realised with simple means. His work "Sisterhood of Secrets" from 2024 inspires and encourages people to tell their own stories in this way.

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10Photos says: Boris knows better than anyone how to put aside the technical "trivialities" and focus on the essence of the subject - people and their stories. The emotional series on his Blog show this particularly well. But even in this small and very fine selection we find expressive and unusually creative photos that more than inspire us. And one thing we now know for sure: cats definitely choose the nicest places!

More of Boris and his "stories" can be found on his website fotografie.borisbethge.de and Instagram @boris_bethge.


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