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Born and raised in Hannover, Germany, Norman Boesche has had a passion for photography since his earliest childhood. After experimenting with many different techniques and subjects, he realised that working with people was the greatest challenge for him.

During the 90s he began to work seriously on his portrait, nude and fashion photography. His most important maxim is that every session should have a relaxed atmosphere and that it is the photographer's job to get the best out of his models.

Norman loves to capture people in their natural state. He wants to help them relax and feel comfortable during the shoot - so he can capture honest images that authentically reflect the model's character. With a talent for capturing people in unforgettable moments, he always manages to bring out the beauty in each portrait.

Norman says about his work: "First you should think about the concept. What do you want to achieve with the shoot and what message do you want to convey? You should not only consider your own wishes, but also those of your models. A portrait or nude shoot is not an individual performance, but a collaboration in front of and behind the camera."

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10Photos says: An idea often turns into passion, and passion turns into work. Creativity often gets lost in the process. Not so with Norman! You can see the passion in his work. You can feel the fun everyone is having during the shoot. We had a look around Norman's website and every picture would have deserved to be shown here. And once again we regret the concept of 10Photos a little ;-).

Our tip: Be sure to visit Norman's website (www.normanboesche.com). There you can see many portraits as well as very sensual and humorous pictures. More photos can be found on Instagram @normanboesche.


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