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Detlev Bock is a passionate amateur photographer from Baden-Württemberg. He lives a stone's throw from the French border. He discovered his passion for photography in 2011 in Asia, where he lived for five years for professional reasons. There he realized very quickly that this time was a "once in a lifetime" event that he absolutely wanted to capture in pictures.

Initially, Detlev focused on travel photography. However, it wasn't long before portrait and people photography became his focus; more specifically, what he calls "soulful" people photography.

Detlev writes about himself: “I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really great photographers over the years, from whom I’ve been able to learn a lot. Among other things, that people's photography consists of far more than just the technical aspects and that striving for technically perfect images can nip the desired emotional effect in the bud.

It is therefore much more important to me to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere when photographing, in which my model feels comfortable and is thereby perhaps willing to reveal a little of herself.

If I can do that, there's a chance to get images that are special and that people will want to look at again and again."

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10Photos says: We are sure of it! You can do it, dear Detlev. We always enjoy looking at your diverse and very creative photos. They undoubtedly show emotions and feelings. We don't see sterile or artificial looking photos. You show us authentic-looking scenes of people in the midst of their everyday lives. We are more than thrilled!

More Detlev is available on his website www.colorchrome.net and Instagram @detlevbock.photo



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