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A web project by photographers for photographers. Selected artists present themselves with 10 of their best and most beautiful photos.

Created as an ill-considered and spontaneous idea one night at the end of January 2021, the website has become very respectable in a short time. The thanks for this go almost solely to the participating photographers.

We are looking forward to all new photographers who help us with passion and high quality pictures to make the website even more attractive. Participation is of course free of charge and without any obligations.

Please use the corresponding contact form on the "Contact" page or write us an email. We will take a look at every request. However, please understand that this site is a platform for advanced photographers and requires correspondingly high quality. Simply good pictures are not enough for participation. We want the "special" photos. Photos that stand out from the crowd, eye-catchers, which cause amazement and admiration in the viewer.

My special thanks goes to Johanna Abert (website: www.johanna-abert.de), who stands by me with advice and support especially in the early days of 10Photos, but also still now. Without her, the project might never have been started. Thank you very much, dear Johanna.

Over time, you get to know many great and nice photographers. Many advice and tips, but also suggestions and proposals reach us. Many thanks for that as well. A very special thank you goes to Pascal Uehli (website: www.pascaluehli.com), who created a great slogan with the phrase "The world of photography in 10 pictures".

Many thanks also to Boris Bethge (website: fotografie.borisbethge.de) for the cover image of the "People" category.

Many features of 10Photos are self-made and not based on plugins or the basic template. The website was heavily customized, extended, and improved with PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. The advantage is a "clean" site without cookies, trackers, or even privacy questionable building blocks. However, this can cause errors in function and appearance. My request, therefore: Please report these errors (Contact form), I'll try my best to fix it as soon as possible then. Thanks!

Best regards

Jörn Wallenwein, 10Photos


PS. the team of 10Photos consists of several photographers, but they do not want to be named. As administrator of this web project, I accept this wish of course.

PPS. every now and then a satirical text creeps into 10Photos. The author likes to write ironically or sarcastically. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this, despite threats of Instagram bans and the like. We will try it now with 7/24 TikTok continuous viewing without a break!