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As a photographer, Pascal Uehli is interested in reduction, simplicity, and naturalness. This is reflected in his passion, for black-and-white photography. Here there are no colors that distract from the essential. This opens up different possibilities of representations and interpretations.

Black-and-white photography is the ideal medium for showing emotions in their clearest form. This requires sensitivity and experience in playing with light. He deliberately focuses his attention on nuances of brightness to skilfully set contrasts and depict emotions. This creates an image with character.

In front of his camera are people he wants to show as they are. Whether model or private person: His goal is to capture the "perfectly imperfect" and to show his counterpart as he is in that moment.

In particular, he relies on looking closely, waiting for the right moment, and then deliberately pulling the trigger. After all, he wants to create a picture that will still be exciting to look at in a few years. This thought guides him and lets him always develop his style.

Pascal Uehli was born in Zurich in 1983 and came to photography through traveling. He likes to travel worldwide and is also active in the travel industry. As a photographer, he is an artist, photo workshop leader and works with private individuals as well as corporate clients. He loves illustrated books and always puts his work and projects into new exciting books.

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Website : https://pascaluehli.com
Illustrated Book Shop : https://shop.pascaluehli.com
Photography Workshops : https://beinspiredevents.ch
Instagram : @pascaluehliphotography

We are very happy to present this versatile Swiss photographer on our site. Pascal sent us 20 pictures to choose from and now we know how hard it is to make a final selection. And we had "only" photos in black and white. Pascal's color portraits are no less worth seeing. Tip: Be sure to enjoy them on Instagram or his website.