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Eric Vanden is an experienced photographer born in the 70's and based in Reims, France. His portfolio includes assignments for local winemakers in Champagne as well as for companies, service providers and individuals throughout France.

Although Eric still works mainly analog, he does not compromise on the quality of his work. For him, emotions count more than the latest technologies. The result of his work is decisive, not the creation of the photos. He has successfully remained true to this principle for decades.

Many of his portraits are spontaneous, with no prior planning. He simply takes one or two cameras and is guided by the feelings, the light, the mood of the environment and the personality of the model. The results are emotional and natural images with a unique charm.

For most of his photography, Eric uses a 6x7 medium format camera and black and white film. He develops his own images using special photo chemicals and a negative strip scanner. As a light source, Eric prefers to use the available daylight. This allows him to create the most natural and beautiful moods.

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10Photos says: In the digital age, where artificial intelligence can create photorealistic images in seconds, it’s all the more gratifying to still find and enjoy photographs by proper artists. Eric is one such artist who does not present us with cool, lifeless images. Rather, his photographs are emotionally charged and feature beautiful portraits that inspire precisely because of their imperfections. We thank Eric for his classic and inspiring photography. The stunning drawings on his website are also well worth a visit.

More pictures and information about Eric Vanden can be found on his websites and as well as on Instagram @eric_vanden.


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