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Mathias de le Roi, from Maintal near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, was already enthusiastic about photography as a teenager, photographing people with his analog camera. After 16 years as a department manager in an electrical company and a break from photography, he rediscovered his passion for photography. He wanted to evoke emotions with his photos and taught himself the necessary knowledge about composition, light and image editing through workshops and video tutorials.

Mathias' photography skills steadily improved until his wife and family encouraged him to share his work publicly. Social media channels like Instagram helped generate interest in his work and drive traffic to his website, which eventually led to his first commissions.

Since 2015, Mathias has been working as a freelance photographer and is now very successful. His work has been published three times in a leading photography magazine. He likes to be seen as a versatile photographer who can shoot weddings, families, couples, classic portraits, beauty and fashion as well as sensual-erotic images.

[Text 10Photos adapted from a biography by Mathias de le Roi ]

10Photos says: The sober, rather matter-of-fact description we wrote about Mathias is in complete contrast to his pictures. They are emotional, touching, but also passionate and sensitive. They are portraits that captivate and inspire the viewer, at least us. Head cinema with sensual photos that stimulate the imagination instead of mere facts. What also impresses us about Mathias is his versatility. Sometimes erotically sensual, sometimes natural and stylish. Sometimes classically beautiful, sometimes modern in beauty style. But one thing is always the same: creative and alive. This is people photography at its best.

More photos and information can be found here:
Website: www.deleroiphoto.de
Instagram: @deleroiphotography, @deleroi_lovestories and @boudoir_fantastique
Facebook: @deleroiphoto.de

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