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Manfred Steiner, a passionate photographer from Cologne, Germany, started taking pictures in his youth. After a long break, he found his way back to his passion in 2015 and began to work intensively with photography as an art form.

Since then, Manfred has specialized in the fascinating world of people photography. His focus is on the natural representation of people. He prefers both the timeless elegance of black and white and vibrant color to capture the diversity of human expression and emotion.

Manfred stands out for his versatility. Not only has he mastered the art of sensual portraiture, but he is also enthusiastic about creative editorials and elegant fashion shoots.

What distinguishes his work is his quest for authenticity. He places great emphasis on "honest" portraits and avoids excessive retouching or unnatural alterations of the human body. Instead, he focuses on bringing out expression and mood, capturing the individual and unique beauty of each person.

Manfred shoots in the studio under artificial or window light as well as outdoors in natural light. This versatility allows him to create a wide range of atmospheric images that reflect the uniqueness of each moment.

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10Photos says: Creating a sizzling sensuality without showing too much is not an easy task in people photography and not many photographers succeed. But Manfred does it perfectly. His images are very emotional and create an Oscar-worthy Hollywood cerebral cinema. Varied and exciting. Always an exciting "thriller" with beautiful looking actors. We are enthusiastic about this 10-part series and say without a doubt: Photography at it's best

If you want to see more, check out Manfred Steiner's Instagram account @mquphotography Unlike so often a great sequel ...


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