Katarzyna Slominska

Seeing Katarzyna's pictures here on 10Photos or in her gallery on Instagram, it's hard to believe that this photographer is not a professional. The very likable portrait photographer from Warsaw (Poland) takes pictures on a whim and creates exceptionally sensual and fascinating images with her hobby, which certainly envies many professionals.

And she has only been in the "business" for a short time. In 2018 Katarzyna took a liking to portrait photography. Her first model was her sister. Word of talent and skill spreads quickly, and four years later Katarzyna can call a beautiful portfolio her own. This ranges from classic portraits to sensual photographs.

We immediately liked the versatility and creativity. Katarzyna shows here on 10Photos only shots in black and white, but on her social media channels, you can also find beautiful color photographs.

More from Katarzyna Słomińska on Instagram @katarzyna_brand and Facebook @Kasia Słomińska
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