Carsten Seidel

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Carsten Seidel: The Photographer Behind the Moments. Born in 1982 in Hameln, Germany, Carsten Seidel has found his place as a photographer. Since 2010 he is happily married and a proud father. Before his career as a photographer, he worked as a chef in the restaurant business until 2022. But his creative spirit kept him going.

Carsten's specialties are wedding, portrait and fashion photography. He is fascinated by people and capturing unique moments. The opportunity to work with nice, inspiring and innovative people keeps him motivated. When he's not behind the camera, he spends hours on the computer editing images and planning new photo shoots.

His clients describe him as a very personable and empathetic photographer who makes you feel like you've known him forever. This familiarity creates a relaxed atmosphere that leads to emotional results. Jörn Wallenwein of 10Fotos describes the experience well: "Even during our first short phone call, I felt this special atmosphere and was thrilled by Carsten's empathetic nature. This is extraordinary people photography at its best.

[ Text 10Photos based on information from Carsten Seidel's website ]

10Photos says: There are photographers who are incredibly creative in front of the camera, but that is only part of the "workflow" to the finished photo. Carsten is a passionate photographer whose creative process begins with the planning of the shoot and only ends with the finished result. This passion is reflected in his eclectic photographs. Carsten tells stories with his beautiful images and lets us share special moments.

For more pictures and information about Carsten Seidel, please visit his website at www.eightytwopictures.de and Instagram @carsten_seidel_photography as well as Facbook @carstenseidelphotography.