• Animal and Wildlife photography

    Johanna Abert

    Beautiful photo gallery by the very versatile photographer Johanna Abert. The focus of Johanna's images here on 10Photos is wildlife and animal photography. Besides that she is also active in macro and landscape photography. However, the ambitious hobby photographer also likes to look beyond nature photography and also photographs people often in connection with owls.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Knut Erik Alnæs

    Knut Erik Alnæs is a 1999 born wildlifephotographer situated in Oslo, Norway. He is studying law at the University of Oslo, but most of all he enjoys spending time out in the wild - with the wild. It is the special experiences with birds and animals in the fantastic nature of Norway that drives him.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography,  Macro photography

    Jan-Henrik Asmus

    Jan-Henrik Asmus is a wildlife and macro photographer from Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). He is particularly fond of simple motifs. To photograph the often seen, everyday things and to document the fascinating nature is important to him. He tries to show with his photography that every animal has a certain beauty.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Madleen Sophie Bauer

    Madleen Sophie is a nature photographer from North Rhine-Westphalia. Her enthusiasm for nature can be seen very clearly in the atmospheric and soulful photographs. Born in 2004, Madleen Sophie was only 17 years old when 10Photos captured her and her images.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Sarah Böhm

    Sarah Böhm was born in Frankfurt an der Oder in 1989. After studying veterinary medicine in Berlin, she works as an official veterinarian in Neuruppin in the field of animal welfare, animal disease control, and veterinary drug monitoring.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Thomas Hinsche

    Thomas Hinsche is a wildlife and nature photographer from Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) at the Middle Elbe. His pictures captivate with a fabulous quality. Besides photography, Thomas is a member of the GDT and is also committed to the protection of animals and the environment.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Silke Hullmann

    The photo gallery of travel and wildlife photographer Silke Hullmann. This friendly photographer is particularly fond of the African continent with its fascinating diversity and abundance of wildlife.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Unai Larraya

    Unai Larraya, is a photographer, videographer, guide, and trainer. He was born in 2000 in Pamplona, Navarre, where he currently lives. The multi-award-winning photographer's great passion is to photograph and capture the world's natural landscapes and wildlife.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Olaf Liesche

    Olaf Liesche is a nature photographer from Castrop-Rauxel in North Rhine-Westphalia. His passion is wildlife photography. Most mornings he is out and about in his local habitat. Quietly, cautiously and very carefully, as if he is a part of nature. He tells us that he often doesn't need camouflage when doing this. Many animals accept him and instinctively understand that he poses no danger. Format-filling photos are then the results.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Nicolas Petit

    Nicolas Petit is a wildlife photographer from France. His pictures primarily show the local wildlife. Nicolas not only wants to document but also to capture the uniqueness and beauty of the animals. With his wonderful photos, he succeeds without a doubt.

  • Macro photography

    Perdita Petzl

    Perdita Petzl is an Austrian nature photographer. She photographs sensitively and emotionally. Her images are often characterized by delicate colors, soft light, and an extraordinary bokeh. But also abstract and reduced photographic works can be found in her portfolio. Sometimes colorful, sometimes monochrome, sometimes fabulously playful, her photos are usually not purely documentary. Rather, Perdita wants to give intimate insights into the magical world of insects and animals, tell little stories and awaken emotions in the viewer.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Michael Spitzner

    Michael Spitzner is a nature and wildlife photographer who specialises in the local animal and plant world. Naturalness and putting his subjects - literally - in the best light are at the forefront of his photography.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Jens Stahl

    A wildlife photographer from the Netherlands with a focus on bird photography. Whereby we at 10Photos think the squirrel images are just as unique as the fantastic bird photography.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Roelie Steinmann

    Nature and landscape photographer Roelie Steinmann lives in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park (Netherland). For her, it is the ideal place to photograph the magic and silence of the forests. The animals of this beautiful region, such as butterflies, frogs, squirrels, and birds, are also a favorite photo subject of Roelie.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Felix Wesch

    Nature and landscape photographs of the quiet moments of nature. Foggy moods, forests, mountains, swans, orchids, and more. Felix's images are not ordinary landscape or wildlife photographs. He photographs moods. The images usually radiate an incredible calm and fascinate the viewer with harmonious colors and textures.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

    Jenny Zhao & Roger Zhu

    We are a husband and wife photographer team that started learning photography in 2018 when we went on our honeymoon in the Maasai Mara. We love wildlife and decided to hone this craft and shoot locally in our hometown of New England and through our travels around the world.