Madleen Sophie Bauer

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Madleen Sophie is a nature photographer from North Rhine-Westphalia. Her enthusiasm for nature can be seen very clearly in the atmospheric and soulful photographs. Born in 2004, Madleen Sophie was only 17 years old when 10Photos captured her and her images.

We are fascinated by the partly minimalistic and natural-looking wildlife shots. It is pure nature, without oversaturated and garish colors. Anyone who has ever walked along a lonely Baltic or North Sea beach, who has walked early in the morning through a field or a meadow, who knows the mood of loneliness, who knows what a calming, but also powerful effect nature can have. This mood transport the images of Madleen Sophie.

With her photos, she wants to inspire more people for our unique and beautiful nature. We think this works very well and are happy to present this likable young nature photographer here.

More info about Madleen Sophie can be found on her website and Instagram @madleensophie_