Frederic Bauer

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The nature and wildlife photographer Frederic Bauer studied art and photography. As a member of NABU, he is committed to nature, especially to the protection of species. Living in harmony with nature, respecting it, and photographing prudently is very important to him. He prefers to do without the ultimate picture than disturb animals or even destroy their habitat.

The photographic focus is on action bird photography and atmospheric wildlife photography in the best light during the morning and evening hours.

His references and publications: Exhibition of a video of a sequence of images at the International Museum of Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe. Image publications in the magazine GEO and the NABU magazine as well as the newspaper Badische Neueste Nachrichten. But Frederic is also no stranger to photography away from nature. For the city of Karlsruhe, he photographed the staircases and interiors of the city hall and the Museum of Fine Arts, the state art gallery.

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We think, even if Frederic renounces the "ultimate" image out of respect for the animals and their habitat, we see starting from the atmospheric cover image to his great wildlife shots fantastic photos. Photographing animals in their habitat appealingly and excitingly is no easy task, Frederic Bauer has more than succeeded.

More info about Frederic can be found on his website www.fredericbauer.net and Instagram @fredericbauer19