Jens Stahl

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A wildlife photographer from the Netherlands with a focus on bird photography. Whereby we at 10Photos think the squirrel images are just as unique as the fantastic bird photography.

Here now some lines from Jens Stahl: "Jens Stahl, who now lives in North Holland, is a born Zeeuws-Vlaming. He left this most beautiful spot of Holland for his wife Francis in 2002. He has two wonderful daughters. From a young age, Jens was interested in nature and especially birds. Around 1988 Jens bought his first SLR camera, which triggered and started his passion for nature photography. In 2002, he switched to digital technology, and from then on it was hit after hit. Currently, Jens mainly uses the EOS 1 DX and the recently purchased EOS R5 with exclusively Canon lenses. Although he enjoys walking in nature, due to physical limitations Jens takes photos from his car, in hiding places, and in blinds. But when his body allows it, he likes to go out with his camera."

Many more images of this exceptional photographer can be found on his Instagram account: www.instagram.com/jens_stahl