Manfred Hesch

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Since 2018 I am very intensively engaged in photography and especially wildlife photography. Whereby my very great passion are the birds of prey. Since childhood, the kings of the air have fascinated me. Now I am just about to take a falconer exam to learn to understand the animals and their habitats even better.

But I am also not averse to macro photography. Who knows where the paths still lead me....

For wildlife photography, I use Nikon D5 with Sigma lenses
For macro photography the Panasonic GH5 with original lenses

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10Photos: We have known Manfred for a long time and we are also very excited about where his photographic path will lead. His pictures are now enormously diverse and of impressive quality. His photos are a beautiful, creative documentation of the local wildlife.

More pictures and information on his website or on Instagram @manfred.hesch_photography.