Manfred Hesch

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Manfred Hesch was born with a love of nature. He spent his childhood on a small farm in Austria, always surrounded by animals. This allowed him to experience nature in all its splendour. Later, on his travels with the Land Rover Defender, his passion has always been the wilderness and untouched nature.

Photography often got short shrift, and was usually done between doors, as driving was usually the dominant activity. Photography was at best an accompanying factor.

He has gained extensive photographic experience since the late 1980s. Recently, he has taken a keen interest in wildlife and bird photography and has taught himself the subject.

Until 2018, he managed a production company in Steyr, which was dedicated to building expedition vehicles for 26 years. After selling the company in April 2019, he followed his heart and opened a new chapter in his life. He dedicated himself more and more to macro, animal and nature photography, with raptor photography being his particular passion.

From now on, Manfred roams the forests and enchanting nature of Austria. Equipped with his photographic equipment and an insatiable passion for the local wildlife, he immerses himself in the art of wildlife photography.

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10Photos says: We have known Manfred for a long time and are very excited to see where his photographic journey will take him. His images are now enormously diverse and of impressive quality. His photos are a beautiful, creative documentation of the local wildlife.

More pictures and information on his website www.mh-photography.co.at or on Instagram @manfred.hesch_photography.