Annette Hilsdorf

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Annette Hilsdorf is an ambitious nature photographer specialising in wildlife photography. She has been drawn to nature since childhood and her camera is her faithful companion. Her love of photography and wildlife shapes her life and work.

In 2006, Annette made the switch from analogue to digital photography, expanding her creative possibilities and intensifying her passion for photography. With an extensive range of cameras and lenses from renowned brands such as Nikon, Sigma and Meyer Optik Görlitz, she is always well equipped to capture the fascinating world of nature both documentarily and creatively.

Annette's images are a testament to her connection with nature and her ability to capture its beauty and diversity. Through her work, she invites the viewer to see and understand the world of our native animals with their own eyes. Her photographs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also an important reminder to protect and preserve our environment and its inhabitants.

Annette has a particular passion for observing foxes. She sees them not just as subjects, but as fascinating creatures whose lives she captures with her camera. Her photographs are vibrant and rich in detail, giving the viewer a deep understanding of these often misunderstood animals.

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10Photos says: "In Annette Hilsdorf's images, technique and passion merge to create a powerful homage to the beauty and mystery of nature. She is a photographer who knows how to convey her passion in her photographs and thus touch the viewer. Her close connection to the animal world enables her to tell stories that are not only visually appealing but also captivating. Annette not only knows how to document, but often creates a deep connection between man and nature that makes her work so powerful and inspiring.

You can find more pictures and information about Annette on her website www.hilsdorf-fotografie.de and Instagram @afh_fotografie.