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Pia Steen and Roland Moser, that's Light in Focus. Two photographers, one great passion. For years we have been traveling to places all over Europe, always looking for interesting motifs and hunting for the magic light. In doing so, we combine our love of nature with our passion for landscape and nature photography.

Our claim is not to capture the landscape documentarily. Rather, we are interested in arousing emotions in the viewer of our images and capturing our individual view of this one moment with all our senses in a picture. Although we put up with a lot to realize our image ideas, the photo alone is not the focus for us. The experience on site and the respectful treatment of nature and the motif is just as important to us as the picture itself.

In our workshops and photo trips, it is our concern to convey mindful interaction with nature. Even though we often seek solitude and tranquility, we love to share our knowledge and experience at workshops and on photo trips.

We love what we do and we do what we love!

If you are interested in our pictures or a workshop, please visit our website. We look forward to seeing you!

Photo tours and workshops: www.lightinfocus.ch
More from Pia: www.piasteen.de
More from Roland www.nature-moments.com
Light in Focus on Instagram: coming soon
Pia on Instagram: piasteen_photography
Roland on Instagram: rolandbillmoser

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