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Katja Seidel is a passionate landscape and astrophotographer. She uses her camera to capture the beauty of the night sky and nature. She was born in East Germany in 1981 and now lives near Braunschweig in Lower Saxony.

She had her first experience with photography at the tender age of 18. At that time, analogue cameras were still the norm. This early experience left its mark on her and has allowed her to work more consciously and purposefully to this day. Despite her training as a media IT specialist and many years of demanding work as an IT consultant, she has never given up her passion for photography. On the contrary, she has managed to turn the wonderful combination of technology, creativity and nature into her profession.

It is not only the nocturnal nature that fascinates her, but also the possibility of achieving impressive results with simple means. She enjoys planning the shots as much as taking them. But the best part for Katja is being able to use her camera to make the visually invisible visible and share it with others. This likeable photographer goes on exciting expeditions as often as she can. She captures the wonders of our planet and even brings us closer to the wonders of the vastness of the universe with her astrophotography.

Katja uses a variety of channels to share her knowledge and enthusiasm. In addition to her website, she shares her expertise in her book Astrofotografie – Spektakuläre Bilder ohne Spezialausrüstung and in her workshops. She has also published articles and images in c't-Fotografie and Astronomie - Das Magazin. Interesting and informative videos with Katja can be found on YouTube. Her aim is to show that it is possible to take fascinating pictures without expensive specialist equipment and that the beauty of the night sky and nature is accessible to everyone.

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10Photos says: Katja Seidel's images impress with her unique ability to capture the hidden beauty of the night sky and nature. Her years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge enable her to create stunning images that go far beyond what is visible. With passion and precision, she makes the invisible visible and shares her enthusiasm for photography and nature with others - without any special equipment. We are fascinated by the hidden wonders and look forward to the night when we are sure to look up more than once. This is how photography should be: exciting, intriguing and breathtakingly beautiful.

You can find more pictures and information about Katja Seidel on her website www.nacht-lichter.de and Instagram @nacht_lichter as well as on Facebook. The paddling trips she organises and leads are also exciting. You can read more about them under the gallery pictures.



Paddling tours and tips by Katja Seidel

The variety and deceleration offered by even short paddling trips in the neighbourhood are invaluable. But finding them can be a challenge. Katja Seidel is here to help - no matter what kind of watercraft you choose. Equipped with a light backpacking boat and a folding bike, Katja enjoys maximum flexibility on her travels and is happy to share her knowledge. Her website www.paddelgenuss.de is packed with information and tips. From a paperback book with great tips for touring Germany, to exciting and informative blog posts.