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Hans Strand is a Swedish nature photographer from Marmaverken. Since 1990, after a nine-year career in engineering, he has been working as a professional landscape photographer. By now Hans is one of the best known and respected landscape photographers in Europe. He shoots in medium format with Hasselblad cameras and his photos are published worldwide.

His works are much more than "normal" photographs. They are works of art that show the nature of the Arctic and Subarctic regions in a unique way. Colors and shapes in perfection, fantastic light moods and abstract motifs characterize many of his pictures, which not infrequently leave the viewer amazed. We use the word "ingenious" for the first time in 10Photos.

We could write more superlatives, but we don't need to, because the photos in the following gallery speak for themselves and it is with a little pride that we present ten photos of Hans Strand.

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For everyone, this artist's website or Instagram account is an absolute must-see!
Web: www.hansstrand.se – Instagram @hansstrandofficial.

Note: Under the gallery is more information about Hans Strand.

Recently, Hans Strand has increasingly photographed landscapes that show human influences on the ecosystem. Images of water pollution and artificial agricultural landscapes have become an important part of his work. Since we are only showing 10 photos here, we unfortunately have to omit this highly interesting part of his photography. Pictures of the "artificial land", as he calls it, can be found here: www.hansstrand.se/manmade-land.

Photographs by Hans Strand are frequently published in international photography and art magazines. His work has created a worldwide following. As of 2022, he has won 13 international awards and published seven books. Hans Strand is a brand ambassador for Hasselblad.

Thank you Hans, for your participation on 10Photos.