Michèle Thompson

Michèle Thompson is a Canadian landscape and cityscape photographer behind Magpie’n’Moo Photography, a name that is a blend of her two childhood nicknames.

Currently residing in Toronto, Canada Michèle started photography a few years ago as a way to manage her anxiety but quickly developed a passion for capturing the beauty and details of nature and cityscape that she sees in her daily life at home in Toronto and NYC and in her travels within Canada and the USA.

Using her macro to wide angles lens Michèle’s photography provides a unique perspective to the beauty she’s sees around her.

Although Michele frequently likes to pair her images with select words to evoke an emotion or memory or to tell a story whatever it may be, many times her images need no words as they simply speak for themselves.

More information on Michele and Magpie’n’Moo Photography can be found on her website www.magpie-n-moo.com and Instagram @magpie_n_moo