Lina Grüppe

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Lina is a nature photographer from Grafschaft Bentheim in the southwest of Lower Saxony. She was born in 2007. At the age of 15, she was added to 10Photos. Thus, she was and is the youngest photographer who made it to this platform. When you see her fantastic pictures, you may not believe her young age.

Her greatest passion is macro and bird photography. The majority of Lina's photographs are taken in her home and surroundings. She loves the golden hour and the pleasant colors that then appear in the background of the photos. Thus, she creates harmonious images with warm moods that do not have to fear a comparison with "professional photos".

Lina wants to capture with her wildlife photos not only the beauty of nature in pictures, but also the wonderful moments that you experience when photographing. We think that this succeeds more than excellent and have the utmost respect from this young photographer.

All her pictures are taken with the Canon EOS 6D. The lenses used are the 150-600 mm telephoto zoom and the 105 mm macro lens from Sigma.

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10Photos says: "It is the harmony in Lina's images that inspires us. The skilful play with sharpness and blur, the fine colours and the great composition. Her images are much more than documentary; they are a tribute to our natural world and its inhabitants. We are very excited to see where Lina's photographic journey will take her. We don't know, but we are sure it will be a wonderful journey.

See more pictures of Lina on her Instagram account @lina_naturfotografie.