Matthias Futterer

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Wildlife photography around the Kaiserstuhl, a species-rich small low mountain range in Baden-Württemberg. Matthias Futterer is an amateur photographer from Forchheim in Württemberg. He is passionate about native insects and birds. On 10Photos he has focused on the latter.

As a passionate photographer and nature lover, he loves to capture the colorful and fascinating wildlife of the Kaiserstuhl in pictures. In doing so, he does not only work in a documentary way. His pictures convince by an enormous versatility and quality. The image composition, a good light are just as important to him as getting a rare motif in front of the lens. The result is a beautiful, species-rich portfolio. In collaboration with Hannes Bonzheim the book „Die magische Welt unserer Vögel" was created in which he participated as a photographer.

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10Photos is very pleased to present this likeable and extraordinary photographer with his work here. Besides the outstanding quality of his pictures, we like very much the naturalness of the shots.

For the macro-interested visitor, Matthias' website is especially recommended. There you will find an extraordinary gallery of the "small animal world", which convinces with brilliant and very detailed photographs. In addition, of course, you will find photographs of birds. A small foretaste can be found in the gallery here.

More pictures of Matthias can be found on his website www.futterer-wildlife.com, on Instagram @futterer.wildlife and Facebook @futterer.matthias.