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Behind the Focus on Wildlife project is the enthusiastic Gerlach family of nature photographers from the picturesque Palatinate region of south-west Germany.

For decades, Jochen and Anja have been inspired by the fascinating world of nature and its wild inhabitants, developing a passion for photography in climates near and far. Tim, who was born in 2009, also discovered his love of nature photography a few years ago and has already won several awards for his outstanding images in the Young Photographers category.

A family photography trip is the ultimate experience in discovering and capturing your favourite subjects. As the name suggests, Focus on Wildlife focuses primarily on wildlife photography, although the world of macro photography also plays an important role. For them, there is nothing better than experiencing the beauty of nature up close and capturing it on camera, be it in the detail of a macro object or in the stunning panorama of the wilderness.

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10Photos says: Far too often we see unnatural nature on Instagram and other social media channels. Pictures that have fallen into a paint bucket, skies that no one has ever seen in real life. Yes, thanks to ever-improving image editing software and AI programs, photos are getting worse and worse. Fortunately, the Gerlachs are different. Fantastically brilliant photos that have retained their natural character and are thoroughly inspiring because they are genuine documents of nature. This is what real nature photography looks like.

See more images at www.focus-on-wildlife.de and Instagram @focus_on_wildlife_photography .


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