Enrico Bollin

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Enrico Bollin is a nature photographer from North Rhine-Westphalia. His passion is macro photography. The small things that you hardly notice when walking through the forest and meadow, he photographs in a creative way. Detail shots, but also pictures with special perspectives Enrico makes very happy. Bird photography is another focus of his hobby.

Capturing moods are more important to Enrico than taking documentary photos. Lying in the mud in the damp and dark forest is a matter of course for Enrico. He writes himself that photography is more than a hobby for him. It is a passion. You can see this passion in his extraordinary pictures.

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10Photos fascinates besides the high quality of his pictures also the versatility. The tiny jumping spider very close and image-filling or the structures of a dragonfly wing can be found in his portfolio. Just as smaller image scales of animals and plants with a lot of environment.

More photos from Enrico can be found on Instagram @enricobo77.