Bob Daalder

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Born and raised in Den Helder, the Netherlands. The city with the most hours of sunshine in the country. Married to Monique and father of 3 adult children. Den Helder, although often labeled as ‘in the middle of nowhere', nature is still abundant here, accessible and peaceful.

In 2010, I was gently infected with the photography virus. The first year mainly looking for the possibilities and impossibilities and then I got addicted to close-ups.

My style has come about during the ride. I soon found out that I prefer a limited depth of field and a dreamy overall image. I then made this preference my own and during this process, it has developed into what it is now.

I think my photos have a number of things that make them recognisable as mine: they are soft and dreamy, have a soft bokeh, often with bubbles of light. Sometimes they are also minimalist and simple.

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10Photos says: It is the softness in Bob’s photos, the play with sharpness, that excites us. They are artistic images that the best painter could not create in this way. Bob Daaler shows us an unknown and fascinating nature impressively. Many thanks for that!

More pictures on Facebook (BobDaalderPhotography) and Instagram (@bobdaalder) Bob's photos are also available for purchase on Ohmyprints (Bob-Daalder/2266).