Bob Daalder

Born and raised in Den Helder, the Netherlands. The city with the most hours of sunshine in the country. Married to Monique and father of 3 adult children. Den Helder, although often labeled as ‘in the middle of nowhere', nature is still abundant here, accessible and peaceful.

About 12 years ago I became cautious infected with the photography virus. The first year mainly looked for the possibilities and impossibilities and then I became addicted to "close-up photography".

My style has come about during the ride. I soon found out that I prefer a limited depth of field and a dreamy overall image. I then made this preference my own and during this process, it has developed into what it is now.

I think my photos have a number of things that make them recognizable as my photos:

  • Soft, dreamy
  • Bokeh, light bubbles
  • Space
  • Simplicity

More pictures on Facebook (BobDaalderPhotography) and Instagram (@bobdaalder).

My photos can also be bought on Ohmyprints (Bob-Daalder/2266).