Jeannine Loth

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Born in Brandenburg, Germany, Jeannine Loth is known for her passion for architecture and landscape photography. Born in Berlin, she discovered her love of nature and detail in the vast landscapes of Brandenburg.

Jeannine's photographic journey began with a fascination for long exposures. Jeannine appreciates the peace and serenity she feels when capturing the beauty of nature. She describes her approach to photography as follows "Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited. That's what makes photography so exciting for me. Photography is about making visible what might otherwise go unnoticed.

Her photographs tell stories of tranquil landscapes, exciting buildings and small details that are often overlooked. She captures the beauty and diversity of nature and culture in a powerful way.

Jeannine Loth invites us to discover the world with her - through her lens and with an eye for the extraordinary. Her photographs are not just images, but memories that encourage us to see and appreciate the world around us with open eyes. Jeannine's images remind us that beauty is often hidden in the details and that it is worth taking a closer look, even when looking at a large building or a vast landscape.

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10Photos says: "Jeannine Loth's fascinating images impress us with her unique ability to capture the beauty of nature and human endeavour in all its facets. Her attention to detail and creative approach to photography opens up new perspectives on the world around us. Jeannine's images remind us that it is often in the unassuming or ordinary that the greatest beauty can be found. Through her wonderful photographs, she encourages us to walk through the world with our eyes wide open. We look at her work and let it inspire us.

Weitere Bilder und Inspirationen gibt es auf ihrem Instagram-Account @lo_je_