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David Köster, a renowned landscape photographer from Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt, captures the beauty of our earth’s natural scenery in his images. His characteristic dramatic perspectives and atmospheric light moods make his images unique and unforgettable.

A Hamburg art connoisseur once described David’s pictorial creations as “hyperrealistic landscape photography.” A special characteristic of his works is the romantic, dreamy visual language and the graphic image design, which often makes his photographs appear like paintings. David has received several internationally recognized awards for his artistic work as a landscape photographer, including the IPA International Photography Awards and the German Highlights of Nature Photography.

His landscape paintings radiate values such as tranquility, harmony and strength and bring a special atmosphere to any room. David’s large-scale landscape paintings now decorate homes and business premises around the world. In addition, we have shown his images in various exhibitions around the world. Also, his photographs can be found in various illustrated books and calendars (National Geographic, DUMONT, GEO, mare, etc.).

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10Photos says: David wants his pictures to be seen by as many people as possible. We hope to help with this, because every nature lover and photographer should see his pictures. They are harmonious shots that inspire us, that make us realize in every moment of viewing how wonderful and uniquely beautiful our nature is. Thank you dear David, that you give us this insight so impressively.

More info about David can be found under the gallery pictures and on his website www.davidkoester.de as well as on Instagram @davidkoesterphoto and Facebook @davidkoester.eu. Very interesting are also the Landscape photography workshops.

David also shares his expertise and know-how via photo guidebooks published by Humboldt Verlag and Rheinwerk Verlag. His 2019 photo guidebook "The Start in Landscape Photography" is already considered a contemporary classic on the subject of landscape photography in the German-speaking world. Photo magazines, photo portals, associations and even Wikipedia recommend it.

David particularly enjoys sharing his experience and passion for landscape photography personally in his popular landscape photography workshops, which he has now been running on his own since 2015:

David about himself:

"Our earth is a unique composition of the most diverse habitats and natural scenery. As a landscape photographer, it is my passion to discover these large and small wonders and to stage them in my pictures. As an artistic photographer, I am particularly interested in the natural play of light and colors, shapes and structures. My photographs are less about documentation and more about imagination and emotion.

As a landscape photographer, I tell visual stories of the beauty of our world. I want to “take the viewer on a journey” in the best sense of the word, to awaken emotions in him with my images. I always combine this with the hope of being able to promote the preservation and protection of our earth with my images."