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Jens Klettenheimer was born in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1967 and lives with his wife and their Dalmatian near Heidelberg. As a self-taught photographer, he has made a name for himself under the brand name "schiefLicht Fotografie" with fascinating landscape photographs that show the beauty of the Nordic regions.

Since 2014, he has been organizing highly acclaimed photography workshops and excursions in Iceland and the Lofoten Islands. There he shares not only his extensive knowledge, but also his boundless passion for landscape photography with other photo enthusiasts. Jens is no ordinary photographer, as his work goes far beyond mere documentation. His intimate knowledge of the region allows him to capture spectacular natural wonders in unique, often artistic images.

There is almost always beautiful light in the north, but Jens is looking for something special. Dynamic cloud formations, rainy weather, gloomy moods, but also colorful sunsets magically attract him. This variety of impressions is reflected in his photographs. Sometimes he shows the northern regions from their harsh and dramatic side, imbued with an atmosphere full of intensity. Sometimes he captures the softer side, when the golden light emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape.

In addition to his photographic work, Jens has put his knowledge and experience into a book. In 2018, the renowned dpunkt.verlag published his work "Lofoten fotografieren - Im Bann des arktischen Lichts", which is a valuable resource for photographers of all experience levels and is now in its second, expanded edition. Jens' work also appears regularly in various media - including Stern and National Geographics - and demonstrates his ability to capture not only the outward beauty of landscapes, but also their unique atmosphere and mood.

In addition to landscape photography, portrait photography is another of Jens' specialties. Under the name "schiefschatten" he concentrates on simple but expressive black and white photographs, which express the personality of the people portrayed in a striking and honest way. The absence of color enhances the minimalist effect and supports the clear mood of the photographs. Simply refined - that's how his portraits could be aptly described in two words.

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10Photos says: Jens Klettenheimer's works are not only images of nature and people, but also reflect a deep connection with his subjects. Their authenticity and quality captivate the viewer and allow them to immerse themselves in the exciting world that Jens captures through his lens. The versatility of this personable and passionate photographer is impressive. His skill and creativity manifest themselves in images that go far beyond superficial beauty and create a deep emotional resonance. From evocative nature shots to sensitive portraits, Jens Klettenheimer's images are moving and leave a lasting impression. More than fascinating!

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Website landscape: schieflicht.de | Website portrait: schiefschatten.de | Instagram landscape: @schieflicht | Instagram portrait: @schiefschatten | Facebook | YouTube | Strkng: schieflicht.strkng.com



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