Marzena Wieczorek

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Marzena Wieczorek, a multi-talented photographer from the Lake Constance region of Germany, presents here a diverse selection of landscape and architectural images that provide just a glimpse into her extensive portfolio. This versatile photographer covers a wide range of subjects, from wildlife and nature photography to portraiture and fine art photography.

As well as her documentary approach, Marzena has a penchant for artistically abstract and creative expression. She likes to experiment with unusual perspectives, playing with sharpness and blurriness, light and shadow to give her images depth and expressiveness. Her aim is to capture unique moods, whether it's a serene sunrise or the awe of an imposing skyscraper.

Marzena's excellent long exposures are particularly fascinating, creating a very special atmosphere through the soft, gentle light and capturing remarkable moments and events. A focus of her work is the sensitive photography of the Lake Constance region, which she prefers to capture in the morning and evening hours. Here she finds not only the perfect light, but also the tranquillity and sometimes solitude that inspire her to new creative heights.

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10Photos says: Marzena Wieczorek's images are characterised by her unique ability to capture both the outward beauty of nature and architecture, as well as the subtle moods. Her powerful yet gentle photographs not only show what is visible, but also convey the sense of calm and power associated with her subjects. By playing with light and shadow and using unusual perspectives, this personable photographer captures fascinating places, moments and emotions, giving viewers a new perspective on familiar scenes. Fantastic!

See more pictures of Marzena Wieczorek on her website www.wieczorek-photography.de and Instagram @emwi5.