Felix Wesch

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Nature and landscape photographs of the quiet moments of nature. Foggy moods, forests, mountains, swans, orchids, and more. Felix's images are not ordinary landscape or wildlife photographs. He photographs moods. The images usually radiate an incredible calm and fascinate the viewer with harmonious colors and textures.

Felix proves beyond doubt with his photography that it doesn't take sensational landscapes to take sensational photos. A birch tree in the morning light, a group of trees in the fog, or a plant with morning dew are every day, even simple motifs that he likes to photograph. The results leave us amazed again and again. His pictures are works of art that show us that true beauty can be found all around us, we just have to look closely ...

More from the photographer on the website: www.felixwesch.de or Instagram. Exciting and informative also the YouTube video channel: Felix Wesch – Naturfotografie

10Photos congratulates Felix warmly for the title "GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2022". 1st place in the category "Plants and Fungi", 2nd place category "Landscapes". We think: More than deserved!